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The Michigan Career Portal

Your Personalized Road Map to Career Success

No matter your professional background, you can pursue your career goals and achieve them in Michigan! With innovative high-tech jobs available now as well as robust upskilling and continuing education opportunities to enhance all types of careers, the Michigan Career Portal uses AI technology to assess your current skills and experience and design a personalized career road map. This tool will direct you to current career opportunities that fit your needs or the education and training resources that can help you prepare for going after that next job.

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How the Michigan Career Portal Works

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Getting Started

Map your Skills and Explore Career Pathways

The Michigan Career Portal is different than other job search tools. It leverages the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to instantly pull skills from your past experience and create a skills-focused profile that will recommend career opportunities and identify the skills you might need to develop to be a standout candidate for roles in that career. 

Whether you are seeking to transition into a new career or become resilient in your current role, take the next step in the Michigan Career Portal.

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Education and Training Programs

Access Relevant Education and Training Programs

Once you identify the career opportunities you are interested in, the Michigan Career Portal provides you with a list of training resources and education options that can help you fill skills gaps in your experience. Whether you need to learn C++ programming, gain experience in how lithium battery technology works, learn how to develop a strategic plan, or develop supply chain management abilities, you’ll find a wide range of classes, programs and information to improve your candidacy for open jobs in your dream career in Michigan.

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Find Your Dream Job

Apply for Tech Jobs in Michigan

The Michigan Career Portal has thousands of job openings for positions based in Michigan. The portal pulls these positions from a wide variety of job postings, so you don’t need to hop from one site to another to find your dream job in Michigan. It’s all right here. You’ll be able to select, save and apply for all the Michigan-based positions you are interested in. 

And remember, if you see some that require additional skills, you can head back to the Learning Section of the portal to access more training options.

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